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Dr. Devan A. Patel serves on the Board of the Indo American Foundation of Tampa Bay. A strong believer in the importance of promoting educational, cultural and volunteer opportunities for the local Indo American community and their kids. Devan has taken an active roll in the organization and works to create a more innovative, inclusive and integrative Tampa Bay region. Devan’s involvement on the Board has provided the opportunity for him to work closely with A Kids Place of Tampa Bay, and support their mission of finding loving homes for children in the foster care system.

When not involved with IAFTB, Devan spends his time using his knowledge and training from his Doctor of Pharmacy degree as an industry leader in Condition Targeted Nutraceuticals and in the development of unique dietary supplements. The supplements combine research-supported, naturally healing ingredients with best-in-class pharmaceutical grade standards to help his customers experience reduced side effects and support faster healing.

Devan also provides innovative boutique solutions for the medical and pharmacy industries as Chief Executive Officer of Medizenx. This work has led Devan to hold multiple registered trademarks, a patented device and patent pending formulations within the healthcare field.

Devan has been honored to be a Schering Plough Scholar, winner of the Pfizer Outstanding Leadership Award, Fellow of the American College of Apothecaries, and Adjunct Clinical Pharmacy Professor at Florida A & M University. In his free time, Devan enjoys sports, getting outdoors, and spending time making a difference in his community. He lives his dream life in beautiful Tampa, Fla., with his amazing wife and daughters.